Water Jet Cutting By Tejas Electrical Enclosures Mfg, Inc.

The abrasive water jet cutting services provided by Tejas Electrical Enclosures Mfg, Inc. are a result of 27 years of providing superior services to customers in a wide range of industries. The waterjet cutting process offers minimum part stress and by its nature, no thermal distortion or hardening. The finished products show minimal burrs, while cost efficient processes, including nesting, reduce the need for secondary operations. Teja’s waterjet cutting service are performed on a 3-axis machine which can provide a bevel of up to 9° for tapered cutting. This system utilizes powerful waterjet pressures of up to 55 kilopond per square inch which delivers performance cutting speeds of .1 to 120″ per minute. In addition, it can accommodate cutting dimensions of a thickness of .001″ to 10″, length of up to 14′, and width of up to 6.5′. The abrasive material process has surface finishes of 125P to 63P RMS and maintains high precision cutting accuracy of ±.003″.

Teja’s operates in compliance with ISO 9001, and is JCP, ORCA, and Cage certified. Committed to quality and the principals of lean manufacturing Teja’s solutions based approach has made them far more than a provider of cutting services.

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Water Jet

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